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TechnoSolutions CL is a company that was founded in 2010 to meet the needs of our customers for the acquisition of new technologies accessible via the Internet. Our business field mainly includes companies in food services and retail business.

TechnoSolutions CL quickly illustrated itself as being one of the first Quebec and Canadian companies to offer mobile transactionnal applications to clients while retaining the starting criterion, ie to make it affordable and efficient.
Since that time, the PosWebMenu service became much more than an online sales tool. It has grown to become a true "virtual employee" who works daily to reach online success for all of our clients. Several other services came to improve our offering to companies, whose service is TechnoMedia.

Our expertise in computer networks, secure data transmission and development of automation software is, today more than ever, contributing  to the expansion of our business beyond our borders.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about each of our services and do not hesitate to contact us for more details and to see how we can become business partners.

Thank you from the team of TechnoSolutions CL.

Important dates

Here are Some significant dates in the life of TechnoSolutions CL.

2008-2010 Sylvain Cormier and Francis Levasseur develop the foundation for a transactional service integrated to point-of-sale software following a market study with one hundred Quebec restaurants.

October 2010 Incorporation of TechnoSolutions CL. 
Development of version 1 of PosWebMenu platform.

November 2010 Integration of BEST POS software and Posera MaitreD.

March 2011 Launch of the first restaurant chain of Rôtisseries Fusée in Quebec City area.

2012 Ongoing commercialization activities and more than 80 customers are now selling online on PosWebMenu platform.

March 2013 Launch of the first mobile application for online ordering fully integrated with POS software in Canada.

2013 Integration of other Point-of-Sale softwares, Veloce, POSitouch and Premice Soft

2014 Launch of GoMenu.ca service that allows businesses of all types to sell online without integrated point-of-sale. Launch of TechnoMedia digital signage service that took more than a year to development and installation of the first customers.

Code modernization and rewriting of the PosWebMenu platform to version 2.0

2015 First international tradeshow as exhibitor: The International Pizza Expo 2015 in Las Vegas.

2016 First major contract from a large nationwide chain and second participation as an exhibitor at the International Pizza Expo 2016 in Las Vegas.

2017 February, exhibitor RC Show in Toronto. March, moving to a larger room to continue the expansion of the company.

Today, over 300 stores and more than 50 000 customers use PosWebMenu platform and new ones are added each month. 

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Since 2008 our unique online ordering service is 100% integrated with the main point of-sale softwares for restaurants and shops.
We invite you to find out more.

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Authorized MEV installer, POS reseller

Point of sale (POS) retailer for restaurants and retail stores. Installer of the sales registration module (MEV) authorized.

TechnoMedia V2.0

TechnoMedia is a service that is open to any company wishing to present its products and services to customers on-site. It is a simple and efficient media streaming system and open to many possibilities.



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